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We offer the following services:

  • Air-Conditioning, ventalation and heating systems sales and installation.

  • Service of many brands of equipment.

  • Seasonal Check-ups, Cleaning and Preventive maintanence agreements.

  • Major component Replacements including Compressor replacements.

  • Programming and installation of building automation systems such as KMC Controls, Novar Controls,  and Honeywell.

  • Integration of facility management systems, such as lighting control, access control, environmental controls  and interference.

  • EMS and BMS Monitoring and reporting.

  • Air Quality Testing and Recommendations.

  • New equipment start-ups for Construction Projects.

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs with optional database tracking of the equipment repairs and parts.

  • Field data collection for commissioning projects.

Key Benefits

  • Timely response to emergencies and critical situations.

  • Single source supply of our Products and Services based on our customers needs.

  • Professional and quality workmanship.



  • Control installations for new Construction Projects, including start-up and warranty.

  • Repair of existing controls that may not be performing properly.

  • Repair or replacement of control modules and components not functioning correctly or out of calibration.


  • Control system installations for new construction or retrofit for existing buildings.

  • Control system layouts, drawings, equipment, programming, technical support and start-up for other contractors.

  • Evaluation of existing systems for proper control strategy, sequencing, safeguards and interlocking of components.

  • New Construction and Retrofit Automation.

  • Energy surveys, energy Usage analysis and savings estimates for existing buildings.

Key Benefits :

  • Single point of control for your building systems with windows based software

  • Lower consumption and demand charges on utility billing through scheduling and demand limiting

  • Scheduling of maintenance based on equipment run times to reduce labor costs

  • Quick response to equipment break downs through the use of alarming, paging or faxing.

Automation Considerations



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