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Veris Industries Power Monitoring Equipment

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    Veris Industries H8035 Enercept three-phase networked (Modbus RTU) power meter
    Veris Industries H8044 Enercept  Series kW transducers
    Veris Industries H8053 Enercept Series kW kWh transducers
    Veris Industries H8150 Series Energy Meters with split-core Current Transducers 90 - 132 VAC
    Veris Industries H8163 Series Energy Meters with split-core Current Transducers 90 - 300VAC
    Veris Industries H8126-CB Metasys N2 Communications Board

Veris Industries H8186-CB BACnet Communications Board

    Veris Industries H8163-CB Modbus Communications Board
    Veris Industries H8400 series Revenue Grade Power Meter for Voltage-Mode CTs



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