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KMC Controls Software

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KMC Total Control
KMC Total Control Presentation

TotalControl is a software approach to providing internet-based facilities management for a building automation system. Built on XML and the Microsoft .NET framework, TotalControl is a flexible solution that provides multiple deployment possibilities to match the size of the building automation system, the protocols in use and customer requirements for operator access. Regardless of size or complexity, all TotalControl systems are built around the same core components.

  • The TotalControl web portal and an internet browser provide intranet or internet access to the building automation system.
  • TotalControl Building Services collects, stores, and moves data between the controllers and the web components.
  • TotalControl Design Studio is the configuration tool to configure the system and build the operator interface which can then be viewed from an internet browser.

The KMC Controls BACnet Module for NiagaraAX adds the required functionality to the NiagaraAX framework to fully integrate KMC BACnet controllers into a Niagara managed controls system. Once installed, all objects and properties in KMC BACnet controllers can be configured from either Niagara Workbench or through a JACE panel.

KMC Controls BACnet Module for Niagara ax

BACstage BAC 5000 .pdf BACstage operator .pdf

BACstage has been an essential tool for configuring and managing a KMC BACnet controller system. Now, with version 2.0, BACstage is also suitable as an operator workstation for any BACnet project.

            5791 wincontrol xl plus pdf

KMD 5791 wincontrol xl plus pdf

Now facility managers can easily and conveniently control their KMC building automation systems with WinControl� XL Plus. This powerful 32-bit program doubles as both the operating environment and a powerful programming tool for configuring, operating, monitoring, and adjusting, the most complex systems. WinControl XL Plus is designed for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 controllers and devices in the KMC digital product line.



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