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GE Telaire 7001 dual beam Absorption Infrared CO2

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Equipped with Telaire's patented dual beam Absorption Infrared technology, the Telaire 7001 is an easy-to-use CO2/temperature monitor designed for use in residential or commercial applications. With the ability to display CO2 readings and calculate outside air ventilation rates in cfm/person, the monitor is an ideal tool for: identifying energy saving opportunities in over-ventilated spaces, determining if air quality complaints are due to insufficient ventilation, or locating the presence of combustion fumes generated from vehicles and appliances. Come with a power adapter.

The Telaire 7000 Series will calculate the outside air ventilation rate to a space based on the inside/outside CO2 differential readings. Outside readings can be established by measuring outside levels and holding the enter button on the sensor for five seconds. The outside reading can also be manually set using the on-board keypad and display (default 400 ppm). Accurate interpretation of the ventilation rate indicator requires a measuring two to three hours after occupancy has stabilized in a space or at a peak in daily CO2 concentrations. In other conditions the indicator may tend to over estimate ventilation rates. The ventilation rate display assumes a people activity level in the measured space similar to an office type environment (1.2 MET). If higher levels of activity are present the indicator may tend to under estimate ventilation levels.



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