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GE T8012 CO2 Wall Mount Switch

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The Model T8012 CO2 wall-mounted Switch provides local visual indication of CO2 threshold levels to maintain indoor air quality. The LED array indicates increased CO2 concentrations based on predetermined thresholds. The bright LED indicator transitions between blue, green, yellow, and red as the CO2 threshold is exceeded. Concentrations of acceptable limits are indicated by a green LED. A blue LED designates over ventilation. CO2 levels that have exceeded 2000 ppm are indicated by a red LED. The Model T8012 provides a SPDT, 8A switch output to maintain air quality. The relay control can be configured in the field for 1000 ppm (default) or 1500 ppm.



  • Intuitive LED status indication
  • Pre-set threshold levels
  • Maintenance-free using self-calibration technique
  • SPDT switch output
  • Non-dispersive infrared sensor




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