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KMC CCC-1001 Dual Input Receiver Controller w/ Remote Setpoint Adjustment

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The KMC CCC-1001 Receiver Controller is a pneumatic proportional controller designed for use with pneumatic transmitters, or 3-15 psig (21-103 kPa) pneumatic devices, to control valves and actuators in HVAC systems. The unit is particularly suitable in (Low Limit) applications.

The CCC-1001's dual inputs accept 3-15 psig (21-103 kPa) signals. Field selectable proportional band action, set points and a remote setpoint adjustment add extra flexibility. The unit's authority is adjustable from 20-200% of the primary input signal.


The CCC-1001 is designed to control valves and actuators in HVAC systems, including Low Limit applications.



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