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KMC CEP-4000 Series VAV Flow Controller-Actuator

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The CEP-4000 series is a pressure-independent combination controller-actuator designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. Cooling and heating air flow is sensed by a temperature-compensated hot-wire anemometer. Velocity sensing is unaffected by changes in the duct air temperature.

The CEP-4000 series offers full-range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with the CTE-1000/1100/5000 series room thermostats. Air-velocity flow control limits are set at the room thermostat or remotely with the REE-1012 remote-limits accessory module. The actuator section provides a magnetic clutch that allows the actuator to be stalled at either end of stroke, eliminating the requirement for mechanical stops or end switches. The controller-actuator is available with (100o, 60o, and 45o) built-in stops or (360o) no stops. The default rotation direction can easily be reversed by swapping the red and blue motor wires.

When replacing an older model, the CEP-4995 (100o rotation, CW to close, no sensor) is a "universal replacement" for most applications and will replace MOST CEP-1000/3000/4000 series controllers. (When replacing a CEP-1000 or CEP-3000 series controller, the REE-1000 series relay may also need to be replaced with the equivalent REE-4000 series module, see the CEP-4000 Applications Guide for more details.) Note that most of the CEP-4xxxC models are obsolete.

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