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KMC CMC-1002 Metal Positive Positioner

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The KMC CMC-1002 Metal Positive Positioner is designed for use with KMC pneumatic damper actuators. The CMC-1002 can be factory mounted or field installed on 3", 4", or 6" stroke actuators and is typically used on metal actuators but it may be used with non-metallic units.

The start-point is adjustable from 3-10 psi. The overall span is a function of the feedback spring used. Feedback springs are available separately in 5 and 10 psi spans.

Use CMC-1002 positioners with actuators containing an 8-13 psi spring to provide equal force on the power and return strokes



  • Factory mounted of field installed on 3", 4", or 6" stroke actuators

  • Adjustable start point

  • Adjustable overall span


  • VTD-1500 Feedback arm

  • VTD-2254 Spring; 3" stroke, 5 psi span

  • VTD-2253 Spring; 4" stroke, 5 psi span

  • VTD-2256 Spring; 6" stroke, 5 psi span

  • VTD-2264 Spring: 3" stroke, 10 psi span

  • VTD-2263 Spring; 4" stroke, 10 psi span

  • VTD-2266 Spring; 6" stroke, 10 psi span


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