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KMC CSC-3014 Reset Volume Controller

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Obsolete sold for replacement only.

The CSC-3014 Reset Volume Controller is currently being sold only as a replacement for existing units. For new pneumatic installations, contact KMC for assistance.

It is a direct acting unit designed for use on normally open, or normally closed, VAV terminal units in HVAC systems. The CSC-3014 is a sub-master air velocity controller whose velocity set point is reset between adjustable minimum and maximum airflow limits. These limits are preset at the master controller wall thermostat. The CSC-3014 is designed to work with KMC CTC-2000/2100 series thermostats (which are now obsolete).

Cooling applications require direct action and reverse action is required for heating applications. The reset span (change between the preset minimum and maximum airflows) is fixed to the proportional band (throttling range) of the wall thermostat.



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