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KMC CSP-4000 Series VAV Flow Controller-Actuator Electronic Analog

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 The KMC CSP-4000 VAV Flow Controller-Actuators are pressure-independent combination controller-actuators designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. They use a multi-point or single-point differential (velocity) pressure measuring station or pitot tube for sensing airflow. Designed with a passive mass airflow sensor using two Wheatstone bridges, each measures dynamic differential pressure which corresponds linearly to reset.

These units afford full range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with the CTE-1000/1100/5000 series room thermostats. Minimum and maximum flow control limits are set at the wall thermostat. Available control options include proportional or on/off wet or electric reheat, dual minimum, fan induction, dual duct, and computer interface.

The internal magnetic clutch assures that excessive torque will not be applied to the gear train.

The CSP-4000 series controller-actuator is designed for pressure independent variable air volume control applications.





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