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KMC CTC-4001, 4004 3-Way Switching Duct Thermostats

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The KMC CTC-4001 and CTC-4004 thermostats are designed as thermally powered, 3-way switching devices for conditioned airstreams of HVAC systems. A signal can be diverted to one of two circuits based on duct temperature. This is useful in applications such as disabling electric heaters when hot air is present in the ductwork.

The factory setpoint span of the CTC-4001 is 70-75° F (21-24° C) and the CTC-40The factory setpoint span of the CTC-4001 is 70-75° F (21-24° C) and the CTC-4004's is 65-70° F (18-21° C) allowing the units to sense, and differentiate, between heating and cooling airstreams.

For single duct, heating-cooling change-over on VAV units, install the CTC-4001 or CTC-4004 in the box inlet collar. Supplied with two signals from a heating-cooling thermostat, the CTC-4001 or CTC-4004 can switch the box to the control of the correct signal based on duct temperature.


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