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KMC CTE-5006/5016 Room Thermostat 

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OBSOLETE see CTE-5200 

The KMC CTE-5006/5016 series thermostats are designed to be used with the CSP-5000 series controller-actuators for controlling dampers and/or valves in HVAC systems. The CTE-5006/5016 thermostats are the same as the CTE-5002/5012 except they can operate from a 16-18 volt supply as found in the CSP-5000. For an installation guide, reference the one for the CTE-5002/5012.

These are single setpoint thermostats providing dual outputs for Direct Acting (DA) cooling with adjustable min/max limits, auxiliary control point and Reverse Acting (RA) heating with adjustable deadband. Several mounting methods are available using electrical boxes, toggle bolts or backplates. These inexpensive thermostats provide precise control while offering a unique opportunity to adjust the control points at the thermostat rather than at the controller-actuator. The auxiliary control point, and the deadband for the RA heating, can be adjusted from the thermostat.

Thermostats come with a blank cover and choice of optional decorative inserts to match any decor. The setpoint adjustment and indication are exposed and can be hidden by installing the optional setpoint cover.

HMO-5014: Standoff, light almond
HMO-5016: Standoff, ash white
HMO-5036: Vertical backplate, light almond
HMO-5037: Vertical backplate, ash white
HMO-5038: Horizontal backplate, ash white
HMO-5039: Horizontal backplate, light almond
HPO-0031: Setpoint cover, ash white
HPO-0032: Setpoint cover, light almond
XEE-5002: 16 VDC, +/- 5% Power supply


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