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KMC HAO-1021 1022 1231 thru 1234 Standard Minature Filter Regulators

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The HAO-1021/2 and HAO-1231-1234 Filter-Regulators combine the functions of a filter and pressure regulator into one compact, space saving unit for compressed air service in pneumatic control systems. The HAO-1021 and HAO-1022 are miniature models especially suited to application where space is limited or panel mounting is required

The unit's pressure regulator function maintains accurate outlet pressure regardless of changes in inlet air pressure or downstream flow requirements. The non-rising, push-to-lock adjustment knob maintains the outlet pressure setting.

The unit's filtering section includes a large surface, 5 micron filter, designed to remove most solid and liquid particles from the compressed air.

Manual drain models utilize a finger-operated plunger (HAO-1021, 1022) or a 1/4-turn drain cock (HAO-1231, 1233). Automatic drain models (HAO-1232, 1234) activate when liquid accumulates in the filter bowl. Models equipped with a metal bowl, include a prismatic liquid level indicator.



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