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KMC MCP-1231, 1241 Hesitation Stroke Pneumatic Damper Actuators

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The KMC MCP-1231, and MCP-1241 Hesitation Stroke Pneumatic Damper Actuators are designed to position automatic air dampers in unit ventilators and air handling units.

The action of the MCP-1231 and 1241 is in response to an air pressure signal from a control device. An increase in pressure causes the actuator to stroke to a preset position, hesitate for a preset pressure range, then complete the full stroke. The stroke before and after hesitation is field adjustable.

Actuators may be combined with other control devices for performing various control cycles. Special mounting arrangements are available for adapting to various unit ventilators.


• Adjustable hesitation start and stop points
• Easy integration with other control devices
• Flexible mounting options

Accessories/Replacement Parts:

VTD-0803 1/4-20 x 5/16" ball joint for actuator
VTD-0804 1/4-20 ball joint for crank arms
VTD-1205 Hairpin cotter, post mount actuators
VTD-1414 3-hole crank arm for 3/8" damper shafts
VTD-1415 3-hole crank arm for 1/2" damper shafts
VTD-1630 5/16" push rod for right angle actuators
VTD-1100 1/4" clevis pin for post mounted actuators
VTD-9423Replacement diaphragm for MCP-1231
VTD-9424 Replacement diaphragm for MCP-1241




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