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KMC MCP-3631 Series Rotary Pneumatic Damper Actuator

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These rotary pneumatic damper actuators are designed to position VAV terminals and other small dampers in HVAC systems.

Models ending in the '000' designation will mount to 1/2" diameter damper shafts, or 3/8" diameter shafts using the HLO-1011 shaft adapter. Models ending with the '001' designation will mount to 1/2" square damper shafts.

Actuators may be mounted with either side toward damper to allow clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. A non-rotation bracket is supplied with each actuator and a variety of options are available to lock the actuator's drive hub to the damper shaft

• Mounts on 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch round or 3/8-inch square shafts.
• Units can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise
• Variety of options for securing the hub and damper shaft

Accessories/Replacement Parts:

HLO-1004 Drive bushing/collar, 1/2" shaft
HLO-1006 Drive bushing, 1/2" round or 3/8" square shaft
HLO-1008 Drive pin
HLO-1009 Push-on shaft retainer
HLO-1011 Adaptor for 3/8" shaft
HLO-1016 Collar for 1/2" round or 3/8" square shaft
HMO-1003 Non-rotation bracket
HPO-0038 Replacement diaphragm
HFO-0118 Gauge T, brass, 1/4" barbs to female pipe thread
ICI-1005 2" pressure gauge, 0-30 PSI (0-2 Bar), back-connected, 1/8" MPT



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