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KMC RCC-1000 Series Pneumatic Relays

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Pilot capacity reversing relays designed for reversing a proportional signal from a controlling device. Factory adjusted to decrease branch line pressure as the input pressure increases. Comes with a bias adjustment and two factory calibration points (8 and 9 psi).

RCC-1002 is replaced by RCC-1102
Averaging relays designed for applications that do not require large amounts of output air volume. Suitable for room or zone applications such as VAV terminals. Use where the output signal to the controlled device must be the average of two source signals.

Low pressure selector relays are designed to control a final device based on the lower of two pneumatic input signals.

High pressure selector relays are designed to select the greater of two pneumatic signals as the control signal for a final device. These signals must be supplied by relieving type devices such as thermostats and receiver-controllers.

Adjustable diverting/switching relays are SPDT devices. They divert one signal to either of two branch circuits or select one of two inputs and transmit it to another control device. They can also be used to feed, or exhaust, a circuit.



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