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KMC REE-2004 Solid State Relay Module

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Obsolete Item
REE-2004 solid-state relays are rugged, single-phase devices with 10 or 25 amp ratings. They accept a DC logic control input and provide precise zero-crossing on-off control in a panel mounted package.

Rugged internal snubber circuitry attenuates most industrial noise. The high dv/dt and blocking voltage provide excellent immunity to voltage spikes. A new, fast-responding input circuit allows the REE-2004 to survive high-energy, non-repetitive power-line surges and continue normal operation.

Relay status can be seen via the built-in LED status indicator under the clear plastic safety cover.

A current-limited DC input (4 to 32 VDC) allows a wider selection of control devices and simplifies integration with PLCs and other externally powered circuits.

The REE-2004 relay provides an effective replacement for electromechanical contactors. An excellent application for this relay is switching electric resistance heating elements. The fast switching reduces the thermal cycling of the heating elements resulting in longer element life. In addition, the elimination of mechanical contacts reduces both maintenance costs and downtime.


  • Precise zero crossing for fast switching

  • Optically isolated with 4000 VRMS isolation

  • Relay status LED indicator

  • Superior surge survival

  • Clear safety cover with test probe holes

  • No mechanical contacts for reduced costs and downtime



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