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KMC REE-4017 Relay Module Fan & Proportional Reheat for N.C. Valves

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1 Stage fan ; 1 Stage wet; D.A.

The KMC REE-4017 relay module is designed primarily for use with VAV fan powered induction boxes requiring proportional control of electric hot water valves in HVAC systems.

The FAN output circuit is capable of handling contactors up to 10 VA @ 24 VAC. This circuit may be adjusted to start the unit fan on a requirement for heat prior to the valve opening, or when the valve begins to open. The VALVE output circuit is time proportional providing 24 VAC output to a VEP series valve. This provides complete modulation of the valve over the proportional band of the CTE series thermostat's heating set point.

The REE-4017 allows full adjustment of the unit fan starting point so that optimum use can be made of the warm air in the return air plenum before opening the hot water valve.



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