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KMC REE-5106 Relay Module Proportional Reheat N.C. Valves With Thermostat Power Supply

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D.A. for N.C. VEP valves

The KMC REE-5106 relay module is designed with an AC control signal output for time proportional control of VEP series valves utilizing the PTC thermal element actuator and with a DC control signal output for time proportional control of solid state relays typically used in VAV terminal unit reheat applications. The percent on-time of the VEP series valves, or the solid state relay, varies in direct proportion to the CTE-5100 series room thermostat signal. Therefore, as the thermostat signal increases, the percent on-time of the valve, or solid state relay, increases. The REE-5106 can control up to three VEP series valves, or one solid state relay. The REE-5106 also has a built in 16 VDC power supply that can be used to power a CTE-5100 series room thermostat when a CSP-5100 series VAV terminal unit controller is not utilized.



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