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KMC SLE-1001 First Watch Sight Glass Monitor

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The KMC SLE-1001 First Watch Monitor detects problems with critical refrigerant conditions long before visual observation can spot trouble. When mounted on an approved sight-glass window, this easy-to-install optical sensor detects the following refrigerant conditions:

  • Moisture content

  • Flash gas content (bubbles of non-condensed refrigerant)

By combining an SLE-1001 with a KMC digital facilities management system you can also;

  • Remotely monitor systems in difficult to reach locations.

  • Record the actual condition of the refrigerant.

  • Initiate alarms to alert personnel to possible trouble areas.

The SLE-1001 First Watch Refrigeration monitor is designed for use with Sporlan Valve Company's See-All Combination Moisture and Liquid Indicators or equivalent. First Watch is an ideal way to monitor critical areas that do not meet ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 15-1994.


Output Signal
Flash gas 0-5 volts DC, 100 kΩ load impedance
Moisture 0-5 volts DC, 100 kΩ load impedance
Flash gas Flashing red LED. Flashing rate is proportional to
concentration of bubbles
Moisture Yellow LED. LED brightness is proportional to presence of moisture.
10 foot, four-conductor, 22 AWG cable



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