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KMC STE-6000 Series Room Temperature Sensor

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This economical series of room temperature sensors is designed for use in KMC Digital or other building automation systems. They incorporate a Type II 10,000 ohm (@ 77° F) thermistor for the sensing element, providing precise, stable temperature sensing. The durable, low-profile thermostat-style cover is visually appealing. These sensors may be surface mounted on a hollow wall or to a 2 x 4 in. electrical box. Besides the basic thermistor of the STE-6011, the other models include the following features.

An STE-6014/6017/6019/6018/6020 includes a rotary setpoint dial (available in degrees F or C).

An STE-6013/6015/6017/6019/6018/6020 allows selection of an override condition by pushing the button on the front. A green status LED (not on the STE-6017/6019) illuminates according to the user-defined controller configuration (e.g., during setback/setup or during normal/override modes).

An STE-6012/6016 includes an LCD display for the room temperature and setpoint. The temperature display can be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. The setpoint is adjustable via the up and down arrow buttons on the front panel. If the system is in normal/override mode, pressing a button will raise or lower the setpoint. When either button is pushed, the display will toggle from room temperature to the setpoint. When the button is released, the number displayed is the new setpoint, and the display will return to room temperature after ten seconds. If the system is in setback/setup (for heating/cooling) mode, pressing either button selects override mode.

An STE-6010/6014/6015/6016/6017/6018 includes a four-pin EIA-485 (formerly RS-485) data port on the cover's underside for easy temporary computer connection to the network. (Access with a KMD-5624 cable.)

If humidity readings in addition to temperature are desired, see the THE-1102 humidity transmitter. With a CMOS chip sensor, it has outstanding linearity, sensitivity, and reliability. The humidity sensor is packaged with the same thermistor and case as the STE-6011.

Light almond color is standard. White is also available (at an extra charge for quantities less than 250).



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