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KMC TSP-6001, 6051 Air Flow Transducer-Actuator

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The KMC TSP-6001/6051 are combination air flow transducer and actuator units designed primarily for variable air volume terminal units controlled via Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems such as KMC's Digital System. Specific applications include slaving from the KMD-6002/6052 in dual duct or tracking applications. Each unit mounts directly to a 1/2" diameter or 3/8" square damper shaft, or a 3/8" diameter shaft (HFO-0011 shaft adaptor required). Damper control is provided by an 18o/ minute or 60o/minute actuator. The actuator is controlled by a three-state analog signal; less than 2 VDC drives CCW, greater than 2.5 VDC drives CW, and 2.25 VDC is idle. A minimum of 50 in-lbs of torque is provided. Both minimum and maximum stops are standard to limit the rotation. A gear disengagement feature allows positioning the damper and/or gear-train without energizing the actuator.
The TSP-6001/6051 has an on-board flow-through sensor for use with a single or multi-point differential pressure measuring station or pitot tube. The sensor utilizes twin platinum-ceramic resistance temperature sensors. Velocity measurement is maintained at 3% accuracy over the range of 0 to 3,000 feet per minute (FPM).

Accessories are available:

  • CME-1002 Single auxiliary switch

  • CME-1004 Double auxiliary switch

  • CME-1006 Triple auxiliary switch

  • HFO-0011 3/8" shaft adaptor

  • HMO-4518 Connector for 1/2" flexible metal conduit

  • HMO-4520 Compression connector for plenum cable

  • HMO-4526 Female connector for 1/2" conduit



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