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KMC VCP-41 Series Pneumatic Control Valves N.O.

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OBSOLETE see VCB-41 Series 

The KMC VCP-41 Series are 2-way, normally open valves designed to control hot or chilled water, or low pressure steam.

These single-seat valves are available in 1/2" to 2" with Cv ratings of 4.6 to 46. Optional 5 psi and 10 psi positive positioners are also available.

The VCP-41 Series feature equal percentage flow characteristics, self-adjusting packing and stainless steel stems. Their construction make them ideal for many applications. These valves meet ANSI Class 4 specifications.

  • Two way, equal percentage flow
  • 1/2" to 2" and Cv ranges of 4.6 to 46
  • Self-adjusting packing and stainless steel stems
  • Meet ANSI Class 4 Specifications
Accessories/Repair Parts:
  • HPO-5001 5 psi positioner feedback spring*
  • HPO-5003 10 psi positioner feedback spring*
  • HPO-5010 Positioner feedback arm
  • CMC-1002 Replacement Positive Positioner
  • HPO-5013 Replacement packing kit
  • HPO-5110 11.4 sq. in. neoprene diaphragm kit
  • HPO-5111 11.4 silicone diaphragm kit
  • HPO-5113 43.4 silicone diaphragm only
  • HPO-5115 43.4 diaphragm only
* For the 43.4 actuator



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