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KMC VEP-5400 Series 3-Way, Diverting, Electric, Flanged Valves

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Obsolete The KMC VEP-5400 Series control valves are 3-way, diverting valves designed for control of hot or chilled water. Valves range in size from 2-1/2" to 6" with linear flow characteristics. Self-adjusting, V-ring Teflon packing and stainless steel stems make these valves ideal for many applications. A gear disengagement feature allows positioning of the valve stem/plug without energizing the actuator.

These valves utilize KMC ControlSet Actuators with proportional or tri-state inputs. The proportional models accept a 2 to 10 volts DC control signal input from a thermostat, controller, or building automation system. The tri-state models are designed for use with floating thermostats, controllers, or building automation systems. Tri-state models feature a 10,000 ohm (+/- 10%), three-wire potentiometer feedback output.

An optional "fail-safe" feature allows simple switch-selectable fail direction to either inlet upon loss of 24 volts AC supply. Optional auxiliary switches are available for remote position indication or controller and equipment interface.

Accessories and repair parts available are:

HPO-5088 V�ring packing kit
CME-7001 Single auxiliary switch
CME-7002 Dual auxiliary switch



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