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KMC VEP-83 Series 3-Way Mixing Sweat Control Valves

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Obsolete Series Convert to NPT, use VEZ-44 Series


The KMC VEP-83 Series 3-way, Mixing or Diverting, Sweat, Ball Valves are designed for the control of hot and chilled water in HVAC applications. These valves feature an optimizing insert which reduces, as well as characterizes, the ball opening for lower Cv ratings equal to globe valves. The body design is also like a globe valve providing a standard "T" pattern simplifying the installation. Other features include a blowout-proof stem and leakproof shut-off. The reduced torque seals and o-rings eliminate the need for high torque actuators. Only the low torque MEP-5000 series actuators are needed for all valve sizes.



Accessories and repair parts are available for these models:s:

CME-1002 Single auxiliary switch
CME-1004 Double auxiliary switch
CME-1006 Triple auxiliary switch
HMO-4518 Snap-in connector for 1/2" flexible metal conduit
HMO-4520 Compression connector for plenum cable
HMO-4526 Female connector for 1/2" conduit
HMO-4538 Actuator clip kit
HMO-4539 Handle kit




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