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Kele KTS Series Tri-Sense Transmitters CO2/RH/VOC CO/RH/VOC CO2/CO/RH

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The Kele Tri-Sense Transmitters combine three different sensors in a stylish, compact enclosure—reducing installation time and space required. The unit is designed to work in tandem with building automation systems to provide proper ventilation in enclosed spaces such as schools, offices, conference rooms, malls, and theaters. Each of the three sensors has an independent analog output for 0-10V or 4-20 mA, but the output type is the same. The unit is pre-calibrated for LED indication with a factory default setting for the appropriate gas. The sensors are equipped with push-button calibration and an easily accessible calibration port for field maintenance. Optional LCD display and relay output are available. The optional LCD display is selectable for any one of the three sensed variables.



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