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Veris Industries PX Series differential pressure transducers

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The digital PX Series differential pressure transducers utilize a highly accurate and stable sensor, which is microprocessor profiled for improved accuracy and reliability. The stability, accuracy and ease of use characteristics of the PX models make them the ideal product for differential pressure monitoring applications.

Designed and pre-configured to monitor duct and/or static pressure in commercial buildings and to provide exceptional job-site flexibility, PXD and PXP models each offer four field-selectable ranges within their overall measurement range of either 0-1" or 0-10" W.C., providing support for applications as small as 0-0.1" W.C. PXU models, while also providing support of 0-0.1" applications can be easily configured to be used in either panel mount or duct mount applications, and boast 7 field-selectable ranges in their overall measurement range of 0-10" W.C., making them the most flexible product available on the market today.

All models feature a pushbutton and digital input terminal to zero the output. The directional mode jumper provides the means to configure the transducer in unidirectional or bidirectional mode for room and building static pressure applications. A microprocessor algorithm prevents accidental zero adjustments during normal operation.

Advanced pressure sensing technology

PX Series pressure transducers utilize an advanced ceramic capacitive sensing element which provides a highly stable linear output. Output offsets errors due to changes in temperature, warm-up and long term drift are significantly reduced compared ot conventional sensors




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