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Veris Industries HT Wall Mount Humidity Transmitter
Thermostat Functions

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All HT Series institutional grade relative humidity/temperature transmitters are designed to meet the rigorous needs of pharmaceutical labs, hospitals, science labs, and other settings that call for precise environmental control. Internal jumpers control access to a feature that allows adjustment of the calibration offsets. The devices can also be made tamper resistant using a jumper to disable keypad programming functions. HT models are calibrated with NIST traceable calibration equipment.

Analog Output Transmitter

Analog output models feature a keypad to make adjusting humidity and temperature setpoint values easy. They transmit the setpoint values back to a control system by means of dual outputs. A slide switch allows easy selection of output type, either 4-20mA or 0-5V/0-10VDC signals. Dual outputs enable effortless control of both humidity and temperature in a single, compact sensor.

Setpoint Relay Transmitter

The HT Series setpoint relay models also offer thermostat or humidistat functionality. Two separate relays can be configured to control heating and cooling when in thermostat mode, or humidifying and de-humidifying when in humidistat mode.



  • Independent RH and T (HT relay) or analog setpoint outputs (HT analog) provide application flexibility
  • LCD for local display of readings and setup values
  • Offset function adjusts calibration intervals for both RH and T (HT models)
  • Switch-selectable 4-20mA or 0-10V/0-5VDC analog outputs
  • Easy to maintain accuracy
  • Multi-point calibration to 1% RH, traceable to NIST
  • Replaceable RH sensor element supports field calibration offset...saves time
  • Semiconductor temperature sensor can be field calibrated




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