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Veris Industries Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors

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The MSB Series employs the latest passive infrared (PIR) technology to automatically control lighting for areas up to 1000 square feet, achieving energy savings and convenience. Each sensor employs a special 180 multi-segmented lens and PIR motion detector circuit to sense when a person enters the area and automatically activate the lights. The sensor will automatically switch the lights off after a preset delay if motion is no longer detected. The MSB Series fits in place of existing wall switches, connecting to existing active line and ground wiring, similar to a typical wall switch. The MSB Series is the simplest way to achieve energy saving lighting control with minimal installation time. To assure long relay life, the MSB Series employs a low energy switch circuit to assure maximum contact life. These sensors are compatible with electronic and magnetic ballast loads.


  • Adjustable time delay
  • Bypass button for always on operability...simplifies commissioning
  • 180-degree motion detection
  • Line separate supply needed
  • Compatible with all magnetic and electronic ballasts...provides ultimate flexibility
  • No minimum loading requirement
  • Automatic ON Automatic OFF or manual ON Automatic OFF versions
  • 300 square feet minor motion detection...improves sensor accuracy
  • Decorative faceplate
  • Zero-voltage switching
  • LED indication...provides visual sensor status
  • Single-gang box mount...simplifies installation


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