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Veris Industries VMD2B Series are DPDT blade-style relays for socket DIN mounting.

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Veris VMD2B Series are DPDT blade-style relays for socket/DIN mounting. Both the full-featured and standard DIN rail sockets are compatible with all VMD2B relays.

The VMD2B-F is the full-featured model in a slim housing. The LED, the flag indicator, and the test button allow for worry-free operation and easy troubleshooting with minimal downtime. Never wonder where the problem is!

Benefits of full featured model

  • Color-coded push button...allows manual operation of relay. AC coils red or DC coils blue

  • Removable override lever...when activated, locks push button and contacts in the powered position

  • Flag indicator...shows contact status in manual or powered condition

  • LED status lamp...shows coil ON or OFF status

  • I.D. tag/write-on plastic label...used for identification of relays in multi-relay circuits

  • 2-Way side or DIN rail mounting system...retrofits existing panel mounting and 35mm DIN rail

  • Mating hold-down clip...secures relay to socket (-F sockets)




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