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SimplyVAV BAC-8000 Series Controllers

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SimplyVAV BAC-8000 series controllers The SimplyVAV series of controllers are an easy and unique approach to operating a wide variety of VAV terminal units. The integrated actuators, internal airflow sensors, and wide variety of application programs make these BACnet Application Specific controllers ideal for either new or retrofit installations. Easy to install Just mount the controller, wire it to a 24 volt transformer, and then connect airflow and temperature sensors. A SimplyVAV controller automatically detects sensors as they are connected without special programming or software tools. Simple, menu driven setup The controllers feature simple, menu driven setup choices. No special programming skills or software tools are required to choose applications, enter setpoints, set network addressing, and balance airflow. All options can be set by using only an STE-8001 sensor which can be installed as the permanent room sensor or temporarily connected as a technician’s service tool. New or retrofit applications The SimplyVAV controllers are ideal for new installations or upgrades of older, less efficient controllers.

  • Staged, modulated, floating, or time proportional reheat

  • Series or parallel fan

  • Single or dual duct

  • Roof top unit, with up to two H/C stages, and with optional economizer, dehumidification, and/ or fan status

Native BACnet All models are BACnet Application Specific Controllers that are ready to connect to a BACnet MS/TP network. Device instance, MAC address, and baud rate are set from an STE-8001 without special software.



Easy system integration

  • SimplyVAV installations that are part of a BACnet building automation system, the controllers provide system diagnostic indicators. Through the MS/TP network, the controllers signal demands for higher static duct pressure, cooler or warmer supply air, and when to start air handler units.

New or retrofit applications

The SimplyVAV controllers are ideal for new installations or upgrades of older, less efficient controllers

Inputs and outputs

All inputs and outputs for SimplyVAV controllers are set up at the factory and do not require field programming.


  • Sensors are automatically detected

  • Inputs accept industry-standard 10K ohm thermistors sensors.

  • Input overvoltage protection up to 24 volts AC, continuous

  • 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion.

Triac Outputs

  • Optically isolated triacs

  • Maximum switching 24 volts AC at 1.0 ampere for each output

  • Maximum for controller is 3.0 amperes

Analog Outputs

  • Short-circuit protected

  • Output voltage 0–10 volts DC

  • 30 mA per output, 30 mA total for all analog outputs

  • 12–bit digital-to-analog conversion


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