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It's about time!!
It seems that this very cold winter is about to fade away.
This summer will be just the opposite, very hot!!
This is a great time to upgrade your Heating and Air conditioning system. If your unit is more than 10 to 12 years old, you should know that it may fail in the heat of summer. That is a very busy time for getting a unit replaced because of an expensive compressor failure. Now is the time to make that change and start spending less money each month due to the better efficiency of today's equipment.

This is a look at an indoor evaporator coil that many homes have, only this one was completely covered with dust. The result was a new unit. I know! A new unit because of a little dust? Unfortunately the compressor was bad from the lack of air flow. Changing the compressor out is very expensive and in some cases it’s more than a new unit. When the r22 refrigerant is at end of life, any of the units that get new compressors will have to pay a very high price on the next repair. This customer made a very good decision and replaced the unit with a much higher energy rating and the new refrigerant.

Safety Tips!

  • Never use a gas range or gas oven to heat your home.
  • Never sleep in a room while using an unvented gas or kerosene heater.
  • Have propane, kerosene and gas appliances and fireplaces, as well as wood stoves, checked every year by a trained professional.
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  • Check your filter Monthly, Dirty filters damage units!
  • After mowing or weed eating, rinse the ac coil fins with water to remove debris

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